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The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing: A Core Curriculum 8th ed

The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing: A Core Curriculum 8th ed

This new edition of the ARN Core, which contains 25 robust chapters of content from across the breadth of the field compiled and reviewed by 66 experts, is a comprehensive reference on the field of rehab nursing. Learn the core competencies of a rehabilitation nurse, how the environment of care impacts your practice, and how to best care for patients with disability and chronic health conditions.

The overarching goal of this edition is to provide a salient rehabilitation nursing resource for the beginner and the advanced nurse in practice.

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Softcover: 656 pages

Publisher: Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

Product Details

New in this edition:

·         written in a narrative format versus the traditional outline;

·         divided into three sections providing the reader with insightful current information about rehabilitation nursing practice;

·         new chapters added highlighting evidence-based bowel and bladder management for rehabilitation nurses, cancer care and rehabilitation, disaster and mass casualty preparedness, response and recovery, and the Competency Model for Professional Rehabilitation Nursing’s application to practice;

·         seasoned leaders as well as new authors, all representing different settings and different populations, including clinical practice in acute, postacute, and ambulatory care; Department of Veterans Affairs; and academia.


Table of Contents


Section One: The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing   

Chapter 1: Rehabilitation Nursing: Historical Perspectives, Current Practice, and the Future          

Chapter 2: The Competency Model for Professional Rehabilitation Nursing: Application to Practice

Chapter 3: Interprofessional Teamwork and Collaboration            

Chapter 4: Theories and Frameworks Contributing to Best Practice Models in Rehabilitation Nursing         

Chapter 5: Building Rehabilitation Nursing Knowledge and Evidence for Practice Through Research           

Chapter 6: Quality and Safety: Performance Measurement and Accountability    

Chapter 7: Healthcare Financing and Health Policy in Rehabilitation          


Section Two: Environment of Care          

Chapter 8: Rehabilitation Nursing Across the Continuum

Chapter 9: Health Promotion and Maintenance 

Chapter 10: Physical Healthcare Patterns and Nursing Interventions        

Chapter 11: Bowel and Bladder Care       

Chapter 12: Psychosocial Health

Chapter 13: Disaster and Mass Casualty Preparedness, Response, and Recovery 


Section Three: Caring for Persons with Disability and Chronic Health Conditions              

Chapter 14: Pediatric Rehabilitation        

Chapter 15: Gerontological Rehabilitation Nursing            

Chapter 16: Individuals with Acute and Chronic Neurological Diseases

Chapter 17: Rehabilitation Nursing Care for Survivors of Stroke  

Chapter 18: Traumatic Injuries: Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury       

Chapter 19: Rehabilitation for Clients with Musculoskeletal Conditions   

Chapter 20: Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation           

Chapter 21: Rehabilitation in Cancer Care             

Chapter 22: Other Disease Processes Requiring Rehabilitation Interventions        

Chapter 23: Acute and Chronic Pain Management            

Chapter 24: Acute and Chronic Complications in the Rehabilitation Client Population       

Chapter 25: U.S. Military Veteran Considerations in Rehabilitation Nursing            



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